Artist Statement

As an artist, I draw, paint, sew, sculpt space. My environment in Maine is extremely important to me and influences my work. I work in two mediums: Kinetic Sculpture and Art Quilts. In each, the process is key. Layering, spacial illusion, landscape and autobiography are the subject. Working in twenty foot spans and stitches to the inch, the play of great scale and intimacy piques my interest. 


Bangor Metro Magazine 4-06/Leslie Bowman photo


Art Quilts

My quilts are sewn paintings, acrylic on canvas that is then hand quilted. This part of the process allows me to become physically reacquainted with a piece created at arm's length on the wall, and to add another visual dimension to it. I believe that the work communicates with many because color and mark making are a universal language.


Kinetic Sculpture

My ceiling and skylight hung mobile sculptures are made of acrylic painted acetate, mica powder, metal leaf and mylar. I have currently added digital imagery to the color and light mixed media that is my sculpture. All work is suspended from formed steel and airline cable. Pieces are attached to swivels so that continuous air currents move the sculptures and project and reflect colors on surfaces as sun or light flows through. Without light through, the sculptures become jewel boxes of color in and of themselves.