Sculpture Information

My ceiling and skylight hung mobile sculptures are made of acrylic painted acetate, mica powder, metal leaf and mylar. I have currently added digital imagery to the color and light mixed media that is my sculpture. All work is suspended from formed steel and airline cable. Pieces are attached to swivels so that continuous air currents move the sculptures and project and reflect colors on surfaces as sun or light flows through. Without light through, the sculptures become jewel boxes of color in and of themselves.

Formed steel of all work fabricated by Brian Stearns, Stearns Machine, Eddington, ME.

Virtually no maintenance is necessary on these vertically hung sculptures. Materials are self extinguishing and colors are permanent pigment.

A hydraulic lift(s) or scissor lift(s) are usually used for installation. Depending on the size of the project, there may be several people needed to do the installing. I generally hire these people locally and at the recommendation of the site. While I prefer to supervise installation of my work, instructions for installation without my assistance would be simple to provide.

My work is priced by the square foot and may vary according to the complexity of the project. Estimates for projects are FREE on request. Drawings and/or maquettes are a necessary part of each project. A fee for the maquette will be included as a part of the total amount if I am awarded the commission. If I am not awarded the commission, the fee for the maquette will be charged